Tattoo Me

Guess what?

I have 13 tattoos.  Bet you had no idea, huh?  Well, technically I have 12 because I have one that I’m getting removed/covered up.  But it still currently exists on my body, so I guess it still counts.  Still on the fence about whether I’m even going to post it here.  Anyway.  Sometimes I think that people think that the tattoos I get are weird or …interesting.  But not interesting in the good way, interesting in the “that’s….in..teresting” way.  And it’s not that I really care what anyone thinks, I just hate the judgement.  And also, I like to talk about them, so here we go!

#1. Kerplunk Flower. This is right next to my right hip bone.  It was my first tattoo and it is tiny and it delights me still.  I got it with my bff (she got a rose over her kidney).  It’s still one of the most memorable experiences we’ve ever had.  We held hands while we got them and screeched when we got them done.  We reminded each other how to take care of them and giggled a lot and talked about what we should get next.  It was a good and fun bonding experience.  And opened the door to the other 12 and the many more to come.  I got it because I love Green Day, obviously.  It’s sort of hard to explain all the “whys” about loving them.  I could have a single blog just about that.  I could probably have eight blogs about; one for each album.  But I won’t bore you.  Bottom line: ❤ GD.  So tattoo #1.

Laurie L.

Matchbox 20.  Tattoo #2.  This is on my outside right ankle.  I got this tattoo with bff about a year (ish?) after kerplunk flower (she got her kid’s name on her inner ankle).  We still held hands and screeched after this tattoo.  We haven’t gotten any more together though(yet, I’m working on the peer pressure).  But I love that we have these two memories together <3.  Anyway, I have the same high level love feelings for matchbox 20/twenty (THERE IS A DIFFERENCE AND I KNOW IT AND MY MOM KNOWS IT SO SHUT UP!! There is also a difference between Rob Thomas and Matchbox. Don’t judge my extreme obsession. Haha!) So, not only do I love, love my matchbox, but also, it’s something I share with my Mom.  We have been to SO MANY shows and sang (sung?) at the top of our lungs to them in the car on road trips.  In fact, I’m pretty mad that there is no new record in 2012 yet.  *waits impatiently, while she continues to follow their tweets in extreme anticipation.*

#3 is Brittany the Chippette from Alvin and the Chipmunks.  She is my namesake, and therefore my favorite cartoon character.  I changed her hair and eye color to match mine because, you know, I’m just that vain.  I would say that this was the beginning of my love for pop culture.  From the womb.  When you’re named after a TV character, it’s just sort of bred into you.  And I love it.  She is on the inside of my left calf.

It's Brittany, Bitch!

I’m having a hard time remembering what order tattoo’s #4 and #5 came in.  I think #4 was the Heart Hand Grenade.  More Green Day love.  Although, I did reverse the colors of it.  It is on my left hip bone. I intend to get an entire half sleeve dedicated to American Idiot because I think it is amazing.  I should clarify that I mean American Idiot the album not American Idiot the play.  While they are pretty much the same, there are songs from two different albums in the play.  I just want AI.  I considered doing a 21st Century Breakdown half sleeve on the other arm, but we’ll see.  Anyway (I’m getting so rambly) here is my “and she’s holding on my heart like a hand grenade”:

& She's holdin' on my heart like a hand grenade!!!

#5 is my II.  Gemini.  Because it is literally who I am.  I am sometimes very hyper and cheerful and compulsive. Other times I just want to watch movies and take a couch nap.  Mostly, I’m number 1 in the spring and summer.  Snow and cold makes me emo.  And also it has stars.  Because I am mostly a star.  At least in my own mind.  Don’t judge my fantasies. Gemini is on my left shoulder blade.

Castor and Pollox

#6 Jane Jetson! Only she is wearing purple and the bottom of her skirt says “MB20” and she has black hair.  Because my mom’s name is Jane and OBV she needs to match. I have this because my mom is my BFF and I like to get tattoos about things I love.  Jane Jetson is on the outside of my left calf.  The goal is to get Jerry the mouse on the back of my calf for my dad (with a cigarette, a broncos jersey and a mustache, duh), and Brother Bear from the Bernstein Bears (there are no cartoon Brett’s that I can find) with a slayer shirt and a Rockies hat on my shin (OW OMG).  Maybe some light colored jeans w a hole, also.  HAHAH! AND THEN once THOSE are done, our last name and RULES, like O’Doyle RULES, only my maiden last name.  Probably in some cartoon font.

Mother Mom!

#7.  OMG, this is all a little muddy.  Hah I can’t remember the order at all! I guess #7 is probably the shitty pin up I have on my right thigh.  It is black outlined and black in lined and terrible and I really, really triple hate it times infinity.  Bad judgment call on my part.  I’ll just show you what it was SUPPOSED to look like.

She was supposed to be like this, only the scale was a huge martini glass. It was from a concert shirt from a Matchbox show that my mom and I went to in Vegas in 2006.

#8.  I believe this is my right side rib tattoo.  It is an oxygen symbol with the words “I don’t want to breathe without you” around it.  These are lyrics from a New Found Glory song called Oxygen, hmm imagine that.  I don’t know what gave me the idea for the oxygen atom.  I just like it.  I don’t really care about biology or chemistry or anything that has to do with atoms; it’s just the way I saw it in my head.  This is partially a tattoo for husband.  I had the idea a long time before we were together for a long time, but I had no reason to really get it, aside from loving the song.  So, I got it with him by my side.  And it hurt. A lot.  But I’d get something on my other ribs.  It is worth it.

I always know how many parts are in an oxygen atom 😀

#9 is Dr. Hugo (not really his name, but he doesn’t have a name in the episode) from the episode of the Twilight Zone called “Eye of the Beholder.”  Wiki it.  Bask in the amazing similarities.  Anyway, I got this to start a thigh piece to cover up shitty number 7.  It’s going to be a Twilight Zone collage.  I have it all envisioned in my head.  But I have to get shitty pin up removed before I can go any further on it.  There will be a Maple Street sign, a hitch-hiker, a slot machine, a genie coming out of a bottle, a mystic seer, a living mannequin, a dummy in a cracked mirror and a lot of other stuff.  Oh, also a Kannimut.  It’s going to be amazing.  Unfortunately the stupid laser removal guy in town is never there when I call or drive by.  I knew I didn’t trust to do it in town.  Working on finding a place in Ft. Collins.


#10 is on my feet.  My left foot says “Melodramatic fool” and my right foot says “neurotic to the bone.”  That’s just about me to a T.  I’m a little crazy and neurotic and I make a big deal out of things that aren’t that big of a deal.  Melodramatic.  Also, obviously, Basketcase lyrics by Green Day.  The foot tattoos hurt a lot.  Even though it only took about 12 minutes to even do both of them, I doubt I’ll ever get another foot tattoo.  Unless someday I meet Green Day and they happen to sign my feet with sharpie.  Then, and only then, will I get another foot tattoo.  I would also get the little Basketcase character from the liner notes of Dookie in that case.  Because symmetry is my friend.

I am one of those....

NO doubt about it!

#11 is on the back of my right calf.  It is a mermaid with palm trees, the ocean and a banner and it says “San Diego” in the banner.  I just love it so much.  I got it IN San Diego, which makes it about 70000 times more exciting.  Lover and I had talked about maybe getting tattoos when we went on vacation, but we just kicked the idea around, nothing was set in stone.  So one day, we were walking around San Diego and we walk by this shop.  The Sailor’s Grave.  Obviously we coudn’t NOT go in! So we go in and talk with them and tell them we are from out of town and we want some sweet SD tattoos. They basically offered us the best deals of all time and so we went back later and got them done.  I picked the mermaid because I love mermaids and I love the ocean and I love palm trees.  She was originally not wearing a bra.  I added it because I felt weird having a naked lady on my leg.  haha.  *is a prude.*  I also love that it is all old school looking and HUGE.  I wasn’t expecting it to be that big.  The guy that did it was so awesome and nice.  That is by far my favorite vacation that Husband and I have been on so far.  I was BORN to be at the beach.  And I will be there one day. <3.

We can live beside the ocean....

#12.  FLUX CAPACITOR, OMG!!!! This might actually be my (current) favorite tattoo.  The flux GLOWS you guys!!! OMG! This is on my right shoulder blade.  I have wanted a flux since I started getting tattoos, but I had to wait for someone as nerdy as me to tattoo it.  BFF’s husband was the perfect candidate!  Back to the Future is in my top 3 favorite movies of all time (I count all 3 as one in the countdown).  Only problem is that, even if I’m going at 88 mphs, it doesn’t work yet.  Need a bolt of lightning.  Also there isn’t really a week that goes by where my Brother and I don’t make at LEAST one bttf reference.  1.21 Gigawatts! If you haven’t seen bttf, you are missing out.  Like times triple infinity.

1.21 Gigawats?! 1.21 GIGA...WATTS?!!??

I had to take this in the mirror, thus it's backwardness

#13.  Who Wrote Holden Caulfield.  My white ink tattoo.  It’s on my inner right forearm.  It says “people never notice anything. HC” Which is not only a hilarious pun, but one of my favorite lines in the book.  It was between this and “people always think something’s all true.”  But I couldn’t resist the PUN!!! Anyway, I am in LOVE with HC.  He’s my literary boyfriend.  Because he’s neurotic and cynical, like me.  I am going to some day get “I<3HC” like the “I<3NY” how it looks like a square, you know?  But the ❤ is going to be a red hunting hat, like in the book.  Perhaps when we go to New York someday, this will be my NYC tattoo.

This is REALLY hard to take a good picture of. Also, I just got it touched up so it's a little red in some spots.

I’m getting #14 next weekend. It’s going to be an anatomical heart with a puzzle piece missing.  Husband is going to get the puzzle piece.  Cheesy, huh?  I triple love it and can’t WAIT! I got the drawing yesterday and it’s going to be amazing.  GAH!

I LOVE getting tattoos and talking about tattoos and having ideas for tattoos.  I have so many I want!!! I want to get a Las Vegas one next time we go to there.  I want to get a Simpsons one and the American Idiot half sleeve.  I want to get “hope” on my thigh right under where my pocket would be.  As in “reach down your hand in your pocket and pull out some hope for me.”  I want to get a map of the US and color in each state as I visit it.  I want to finish my Family tattoo and my Twilight Zone one.  I want to get a chest tattoo but I am terrified about how much that will hurt.  I want to COVER my thighs because I hate them.  I want to get one right below my boobs.  Like where my ribcage ends? I don’t know the technical term.  I want ALL THE THINGS.  I just think it’s an amazing art form.

Now, tell me about your current/future tattoos!!!!


Kicking it off LIKE A BOSS. I hate that phrase.

So, Husband and I were not going to go out on new year’s eve.  We had firmly placed our feet in the ground and proclaimed a night in on the Monday before New Year’s Eve.  Part of this is probably because (mostly) no one invited us to do anything, and we’ve had people over to our house for the last two or 3 years. Why should we always have to host?  I was also upset because BFF basically told me that she assumed I had other plans and had already made plans with superbitchdemonbitch that I hate and refuse to hang out with and therefore get left out consistently, so feelings were hurt.  Still not quite sure about that whole thing…. *pout*

And also, I didn’t want to go downtown to watch the stupid cheyenne ball drop.  I heard it was a triple fail, by the way.  They didn’t even have a count down?  Like, I guess it’s good that they are doing stuff, but come on.  No count down, really?  A few days later, I watched a video of it with my Mom.  And yep.  It was just as super lame and not worth standing out in the cold as I knew it would be.  Better luck next year Cheyenne.

Anyway, so Friday came around and we decided we better go ahead and go out.  Sitting at home is not the way we should start our new year. Our friend’s Amber, Jon and Chelsie had invited us to “VIP Bottle service” at the Outlaw, which is usually a bar we avoid due to the redneck-ery, the unprovoked groping and the indoor smoking.  Not to mention that they charge a cover… IN CHEYENNE, WYOMING.  But we figured what the hell.  VIP could be pretty cool. So my cute husband, my cute polka dots and I Went out.

So there we were..AND IT WAS AWESOME!!!

There were at least two dance battles THAT I KNOW OF.

I’m so glad that we went out instead of sitting home on the couch. I know I would’ve been depressed had that been the case.  And most of the holidays in 2011 SUCKED (I’m looking at YOU Halloween!) so maybe this will be a good jumping off point for that to not happen again this year.

So welcome here 2012!!! You better be as good as your kick off was!!!!!



Oh that time of year.  New year’s resolutions.  I find the whole tradition to be sort of daunting.  I mean really.  It’s sort of like setting yourself up for failure, right?  Like, I’m not sure I know anyone who’s ever actually followed through with an actual resolution.  Maybe it works out for the first couple of weeks or even months, but it never lasts, right?  For me at least. It just gets too stressful, trying to not fail at resolving all of your life’s issues in the span of one year.  Maybe I just have too high of resolution standards.  Maybe I should choose some that aren’t too hard to accomplish.

And since it IS a new year and I don’t want to fail at making resolutions, I can’t NOT make some (I know all you grammar freaks are totally panicfaced about my use of a double negative, sorry about that).  SOOOOOO here goes:

  • Lose weight, be healthy, get fit, blah blah blah. This has literally been on my resolution list for like 300 years.  It never happens.  Pessimism is my bff.
  • Stop biting my nails; chew pens, gum, suckers instead.  This is also an always goal.  I need a new nervous habit…any suggestions?
  • Buy boots. This will be the accomplishable goal, because really, who doesn’t like shoes?!
  • PASS CLEP! Because OMG, I don’t ever want to take algebra again!!!!
  • Save ALL THE MONEY to go on Yaycation and possibly start a OMG I HATE WYOMING moving fund.
  • Accomplish an arm sleeve.
  • Buy a sewing machine and learn to sew, as I will probably need to sew long sleeves onto all my shirts if said arm sleeve occurs.
  • Get new couches! Already accomplished!!! WIN!!! We won’t get them until AFTER the new year though, so it still counts.
  • Grow out my hair and learn to use a fat barrel curling iron so that it can look like this.
  • Learn to cook.
  • Find some way to use and possibly profit from all the pointless knowledge in my brains.
  • Catch up on dvds
  • Get a better wardrobe that consists of ideas that I found on pinterest.
  • Do something creative from Pinterest

I guess that’s all I can resolve to do for right now.  Don’t wanna get too crazy.  So, I guess I’ll just finish with this:


I really LIKE the idea of making a LIST of things to be thankful for.  I just don’t know why I don’t do it more often, that’s all. Guess everyone needs a reminder now and then.

1a. My Mom, Dad and Brother.  All the advice in the world that I ever need and people who will stand up on my side no matter what I do or if I’m wrong.  Also, I like that I was raised with a deep love of music and pop-culture and that I wasn’t sheltered from anything (aside from the Shining and Saving Private Ryan).  And that my Mom is still my best friend.  And that now, my brother is also my best friend who I talk to every single day.

1b. This love. That I never thought I would encounter.  And that surprises me and delights me every day.  I never will know how I got so lucky to find him <3<3<3.

And everyday ends like this: with a laugh and a kiss and tons of giggles.  It’s like magic. And sometimes I have to pinch myself and make sure I’m not dreaming it all.

(and RuggedGrace Photography for taking these pictures!!!!! <3!!!!) (ps, how the EFF do I make LINKS work on here?!)

2.  to be surrounded, for the first time in my life, by a SOLID friend base made up of more than one or two people. It’s like each ounce of my personality now has a fitting piece and all the pieces are like “!!!!!!!!!!!!”  Love you all!!!! ❤

3.  that my boss is pretty cool and lenient.

4.  for texting.  Otherwise I wouldn’t get to talk to previously named friends as much, since we are all so busy.

5.  for hoodie and sweatshirt days.  Mostly, usually, this is Sundays.  Snuggly San Diego hoodie, here I come!!! And usually, I don’t change out of them all day.  Even if I DO have to go to Safeway.

6. I’m thankful for being able to go on vacation pretty much every year. This year we’re thinking San Francisco OR Boston. Thoughts?  SF has 924 Gilman St. (wiki it)  Boston has witches…… so many choices.

7. for Christmas bonus.

8. for tradition.

9. that my family will take people in on the holidays, even if they’ve never met them, if we invite, they are included and loved.  I love that!

10.  for page-a-day calendars.

11.  for MUSIC, OMG.  I’d be an utter wreck without it.  And by wreck, I mean probably dead.

12. for Anderson Cooper.

13. That Husband cooks.  OM OM OM.

14. for memories.  Specifically other people’s.  I blocked out most of high school, apparently, because anytime someone’s like “remember that time…” I’m like “nope, tell me about it!”  It’s like re-living things in an out of body way.  It’s kinda cool.  Also kinda depressing.  How did I forget so much?!

15. Pinterest.

16. Being surrounded by people who are actually creative enough to make the things on Pinterest happen.  Good job, guys! Living vicariously through you!

17. Lasik. Best medical decision EVER.

18. ALL the NOSTALGIA that is 90s are all that. DVD it now, comeon already! Also, with this is YouTube clips of Disney and Nick 90’s/early 2000’s stuff.  Win Win Win so much nostalgic win!

19. Anticipation.  The good kind.  Like waiting for the holidays or birthdays or concert days or lazy days etc.

20. The cheap cuteness of wal-mart sweaters.

21. WHITE INK OMG!And also with this, Holden Caulfield.  Without whom this ever so clever tattoo wouldn’t even EXIST.  My heart.  If I were a fictional character, I’d want to marry Holden. <3.  (and also, all ink is included in this).

22. VH1 Top 100 countdowns.  While I tend to not agree with the #1’s, I appreciate the effort.  I could do commentary for those things!! Dear VH1: Pick ME!

23. Hot showers.  There is little in my world a seriously long, hot shower can’t resolve.

24. Mom’s spaghetti. Like, I literally wish I could re-create it for you all.  It’s amazing.  You should probably just go ahead and be jealous of it.

25. Blackberry.

26. Vans.  Not only because I love how they look and they are amazingly comfy, but because every time I wear them on a snowy day, they STILL keep my feet dry, even though they are not boots.

27. Ambition.  While, I sometimes lack motivation and I pout, I’m glad that I am trying to improve my life.

28. The Simpsons.  Without who I would have less Bible knowledge and also less of a sense of humor 😀 (PS? Jesus was born in Bethlehem.  FUCK Simpsons!!! Why didn’t you TELL ME?!!!???)

29. Pizza.  Any pizza.  All Pizza.  OM OM OM.

30. CHRISTMAS TIME!!!!!!!! OMG, I am going to be bouncy ALL month!!!! FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN!!!! THIS YEAR?! Will be EPIC!!!!!


So, I’m getting all antsy for the holidays and everyone is talking about tradition, sooooooo I wanted to copy everyone and share our families’ traditions!!! Most of these traditions live on.  Some have changed or been altered by times or places, but generally, Christmas is exactly what it was when I was a kid.  I LOVE that.

  • On Christmas Eve, my family always has KFC for dinner.  It’s pretty much the only time I eat it throughout the year because I save up all the KFC delicious anticipation for XM Eve.
  • Also on Christmas Eve we open at least one present, usually two.  When we were little, one consisted of new Christmas pajamas.  Not usually Christmas themed, but just new pajamas.  The second package would usually consist of a game or a stuffed animal for me and a game for my brother.  This means we would be distracted until bedtime and not annoy my parents with our whining. :D.  Now, in order to keep us distracted, we may get a board game or an electronic game.  Something to keep us from whining…
  • I used to stay up watching movies all through the night so that I could stay awake and make sure I was up at the earliest allowed time, 6am.  I timed these movies perfectly (4 movies = 8 hours) so that I would be entertained for the entire sleep time and *hopefully* stay awake and potentially hear Santa.  I had the same VHS tape every year which consisted of Now and Then, the Santa Clause and Congo, in that order.  And obviously A Christmas Story somewhere in there, at least twice.  I’d only watch that tape on Christmas Eve so that I wasn’t bored with the movies.  I am still in love with those movies, but generally only watch them once a year.  I know all the words to them. 🙂
  • Due to my carefully planned movies, I was always the first one up and always the one to get every one up.  When we were REALLY young, I’m sure my brother took this honor, but from as far back as I can remember, it was me getting him up first.  6am.
  • Sometimes I would sneak out of my room after I knew Santa had come and check out my wrapped haul.  I wouldn’t move or shake anything because I didn’t want Santa to KNOW that I was peeking at the gifts.
  • One year, my brother convinced me that we could open all of the presents before Christmas and re-tape them and NO ONE WOULD KNOW.  He was wrong.  So, So SOOOO wrong.  My mom definitely knew.  And she was less than pleased by our re-wrapping skills. Least fun Christmas EVER.  Because there was no surprise on XM morning.
  • Once we got up, we would open presents and pretty much just go round robin.  I’d go, Brother would go, Dad would go, Mom would go.  We never had a “playing Santa” thing really because all of the packages were always labeled.
  • After presents, which always takes a long time because MY BROTHER has to open EVERY SINGLE ITEM out of the package (not just the present) and look at it before he can move on to the next present.  NOT COOL because I get impatient.  HE OPENS AND READS THE INSTRUCTIONS TO THINGS, PEOPLE!!! FEEL my pain.  Commiserate. Anyway, after we open presents, we go to my Aunt’s house for breakfast.  Sausage, ham, donuts, BACON and all the things.  It’s good food for napping after.
  • Every year after we were older, I was maybe 16 or 17, I think my Mom got the MOST BORED ever with “to you, from me” and started doing this thing that we call “elf names.” BASICALLY it’s the best game EVER where we give the present to the recipient with an elf name that has a clue to what the present is.  SO, for example, one year i got the Indiana Jones Trilogy.  The present was from the Jackson 5 elves.  The Jackson 5 were from Gary, Indiana. Fun huh?! I remember this one specifically because it is one of the RARE ones that I have ever guessed before Christmas.  My mom is literally a six degrees of separation GENIUS. It’s the most amazing game OF ALL TIME.

And now, since we have added my amazing Husband to the mix, he just joins in all the traditions! And of course we have started some of our own!

  • We always talk about what we are going to get each other far, far in advance of when we are actually going to buy anything.  It’s our not so sneaky way of finding out what each other wants.
  • He has joined in on the Elf game 😀
  • We bounce around and can barely NOT open our presents from each other before Christmas morning.  Neither of us are patient or good waiters.  We usually end up opening at least one (or two, maybe three, whatever) before xm morning.
  • We always buy something for our pets for Christmas and they open them, which basically means they scratch at them hilariously until we open the rest for them.
  • We go to his parent’s house and have lunch and presents and family time with them.  His mom is so funny because she gets THE MOST EXCITED EVER, but tries to play it off.
  • We have purchased an ornament for every place we’ve been (pretty much Las Vegas and San Diego) to put on our tree this year <3.
  • We watch ALL THE MOVIES about Christmas, but not until AFTER Thanksgiving, much to my dismay.
  • We always take a picture of the tall robber in Home Alone and send it to his brother and sister-in-law and nieces because Daniel Stern looks JUST LIKE HIS BROTHER AND IT IS HILARIOUS, OMG.

I guess that’s about it.  I love the holidays.  I don’t MIND when Christmas stuff starts happening at the end of October/beginning of November.  What’s wrong with being in the Christmas spirit a little bit early each year?  I know corporate greed and blah, blah, blah.  But I just try to ignore that and focus on the shiny lights and glitter and joy.  Christmas music can mostly die though.  Once or twice is enough for me on that stuff.

Okay! Off to plan all the rest of the Christmas things!!!!

“I’ll be the capitol of whatever state you land in!!!”

I have been listening to New Found Glory’s new album NON-STOP and it doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon.  EVERYONE should check it out.  It’s so BOUNCY!!! And SO OLD NFG!!! SWWOOOOONNNN. If anyone’s curious, I’m ultra in love with the odd numbered songs, weirdly enough.  But the evens rock my heart, too. AND it is NINE days until my love and I take our annual venture to Colorado to see them!!! <3<3<3!

And it will be all like this!:

Anyway, so, I’ve been trying to think of stuff to write in here.  I don’t really have anything insightful.  I don’t really even have any upsides right now.

Winter always makes me a little bit sadder, or more emo, if you will, because the snow is just sooooo saaaaaadddd and cold.

Also, Halloween (the actual day, not the party) SUUUCKKKED.  Literally, we got FOUR trick-or-treaters.  Lame.  At what point did Halloween become just another day?  I don’t like that.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t decorate our house this year.  I just never got motivated.  Maybe that’s like bad Halloween Karma.  Hmm.. Probably.  BUT I did find out that I’m the MOST EXCITED HUMAN ALIVE to have never seen paranormal activity.  FUCK THAT SHIT.  I saw like some extra super scary clips and wanted to cry a lot.  Thank EVERYTHING I didn’t go see it in the theater.  Husband would’ve divorced me and the reason would’ve been “due to having to sleep with the light on for the rest of my life and never use a video camera or regular camera in the house ever, at all, ever again, ever.”  Although, in hindsight, we PRRROBBABLY would’ve gotten famous for having a hilarious reason for divorce.  Unlike Kim Kardashian.  *rolls eyes out of head*

Photoshoot with BEST PHOTOGRAPHER EVER this weekend!!!! (I super like saying photoshoot! It’s like “oh hi, supermodel!”) WHAT TO WEAR?! GO! These will be our first real pictures since our WEDDING!! That is too much time in between pictures.  Because we’re really, really ridiculously good looking, you know.

Reasons to move to San Francisco #294895967495095: Green Day is playing there RIGHT NOW and I am not there and that is dumb :|.  Also, Brother and I have never met them.  That is also dumb.  Dear Green Day: I follow you on Twitter, plz be my bff, okay thx.  Also, Hilary Duff, too.

I am friends with the BEST singstar-ers/Green Day Rockbanders EVER!!!!! And ALSO?! The best cynics.  Go now.  You’re welcome.

Apparently I can’t do anything but random posts, so that’s what you get!

Skittles COOKIES THIS WEEKEND!! Don’t be jealous! I will tell you all ABOUT them! Also, there may or may not be a Hil Duff/John Cusack (best combo EVER) movie, homemade soft pretzels, taquitos, nachos, etc, etc, etc.  OMG it’s going to be so radical!!!! Also friend time with the common sense-iest friend of all time.  Love her so much!!! We have the best talks and I always feel about 6768958749 times better after we hang out.  SOOOOO looking forward to that!

“And now my computer is all, “plz stop typing and plug me in and go to bed FREAK!”


Upsides Saturday – Version 10/15/2011 (exactly 3 days late)

I missed Saturday because we were busy, busy running errands and going to FTC to eat Cheeba Hut (OMG OM) and Seeing Yelawolf. It was shockingly awesome. I didn’t know WHAT to expect from my first hip-hop show, but it was GOOD! The DJ could’ve lasted for LESS time, but it was still awesome. The show ended with the DJ wearing a Dick Cheney mask. That is all.

THIS weekend? I get to spend girly time with (most of) my best girls!!! AND go shopping. It’s like the best mix of things. AND THEN?! We are adding a corn maze to that. Basically, rad.

Talked to the tattoo shop about finishing/continuing Twilight Zone tattoo and also covering up worst tattoo ever. Hopefully they can do it! I suppose if they can’t then lasering it will be. Not really looking forward to that. BUT if that DID happen, I could just get it covered with anything I wanted. And I wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore. But hopefully he can just cover it.

Speaking of, white ink is still a goal. I have been looking and looking and looking online trying to find horror stories, and the worst I can find is that it could turn a bit yellow (if it’s exposed to sun a lot, which, let’s face it, I’m not really exposed to the sun…ever) or it could fade. BUT I have also read quite a bit about it showing up even MORE prominent on pale whitens like me, SO, I still wanna try. I think I have reconsidered placement. But I don’t know yet. Either wrist, facing towards me or right below the elbow crease (technical term?) facing out. Gah! Or in. I dunno. What do YOU guys think about elbow crease tattoo placement?!

A friend and I have an EPIC movie DAYINTONIGHT planned. There will be John Cusack, Hilary Duff, Drew Barrymore, caramels, skittle cookies, many deep fried delights and etc. I can’t WAIT for that to be NOW!!!

Green Day’s American Idiot is coming to Denver YOU GUYS!!! Don’t think I’m not attempting to go more than once. Because I am. I wish I had any sort of performing talent. Because I would be a bad ass Whatsername. Yeah. Don’t try to deny.

Why isn’t King of Queens on Netflix? Yeah, I dunno either. And it pisses me off, too. It’s fun to watch every episode and point at Husband and be like, “OHMYGODYOUDOTHAT! You’re doing it right now!” Haha!!

I still have Lotto Moscato to drink. I just want everyone to know that, so you can all help me.

I really love this:

So I’ll stop here!